The sea has always inspired artistic creation, partly because of its mystery, perhaps because it evokes other worlds that once existed (I remember here the myth of Atlantis) or maybe that still exist. Such mystery may be heard in Vichi’s music, represented here by his new Suite for Piano, Oceanic Cycle. If we do not hear these other worlds in it, we hear the melancholy of longing for them. His piano writing seems, at times, to tell us an intimate secret that only the depths of the oceans would be able to keep. Music is not only technique, but also the soul overflow, deep as the sea, with its storms, darkness under the starry sky and unfathomable distances. In this work, does Vichi evoke the sea, or in fact, evoke the soul? What if this is a false choice, and in music, sea and soul are exactly the same? Only each one could say.

Oceanic Cycle – Suite for Piano no.1

  1. Morning Nautical Twilight – 5:22″
  2. Distances – 3:10″
  3. Boreas – 5:39″
  4. On the Ruins of a Lighthouse – 3:00″
  5. Shores – 4:06″

Orchestration: Piano Solo
Duration: 21 min 19s
 Solo Keyboard




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