AMP is able to offer a world class range of music services to productions of all nature,
with the ability and facilities to work as a complete music department. We have experience working across all manner of media productions, including film, television, commercials, games, theatre, podcasts, and trailers, and across a range of budgets, from micro-budget to Hollywood blockbusters. Our involvement can span from conception to post and everything in between, and can be as straightforward as clearing a specific piece of music, to managing an entire music department across pre, production and post.


Score Supervision



Music Research


Recent Projects have seen us:

  • Provide music choices to create a specific sonic landscape
  • Work closely with the production team on set to ensure accuracy and authenticity for specific musical scenes. E.g. Baroque arrangements and recordings, 60s club jazz performance, and coordinating large medieval choral scenes.
  • Negotiate and licence musical selections provided by the director, utilising our longstanding relationships with publishers and labels to ensure fair prices and sufficient rights coverage.
  • Coordinate recording sessions for external composers, utilising the best contractors and musicians/singers for score recording at our own studio, or larger studios where required. Working with our network of freelance orchestrators, arrangers, musical directors and copyists we are experienced at putting a complete music team together.
  • Dedicated to Publishing Administration: Registration, Collection and Audit.
  • Scouting for Talent and Developing Songwriters’ Careers (Publishing A&R)
  • Negotiating the Music Rights
  • Promoting the Compositions

We have experience working with studios, indie production companies, and all major streaming platforms including Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Spotify and more.

Enquire about our music services:

Mail: [email protected]