Rômulo Bartolozzi is a Brazilian singer, songwriter and instrumentalist, born in Recife. Always inspired by voice experimentation in several singing styles coming across with electronic music in the most of his personal passion (from IDM, Ambient, Industrial, Electroacoustic Music, Chiptune to House and Techno), Rômulo’s work coexists without putting aside his cultural roots from his native Pernambuco, dialoguing with an incessant curiosity for traditional music from various peoples around the world – the result of artist’s wanderlust spirit and further residence in Asia  and Europe (most notably Ukraine and Portugal) back in his personal life.

In 2021, Rômulo Bartolozzi has released his debut album “E la Nave va”, an instrumental album with a nautical theme and aesthetic inspired by his trajectory as a crew member in a cruise ship. In addition to “E la Nave va”, Rômulo has always worked in collaboration with other artists and art collectives.



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